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Here there is art inspired by Welcome to Night Vale, Steam Powered Giraffe, and occasionally my own Original Artwork.

I absolutely love puns, so there shall be many of those here as well. Also a disclaimer: Me actually uploading art is still a relatively rare thing. I have a tendency to forget that I have technically an art blog. For this, I apologize.

I am also, in reality, terribly boring.

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Am vielen Lachen erkennt man den Narren


I’m honestly such a sucker for fan-made movie posters. 

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i think i know why there are lights above the arby’s

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having butterflies in your stomach is a very real, very literal, and very embarrassing phenomenon in night vale

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my biggest tip that i can offer to anyone is to fake confidence until it’s real

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Player Two, drawn in PS. For mcxi and msaether. The poster and comic are not mine—I used the actual art for the 1943 movie and Captain America #117. Everything else is drawn by me.

It’s… everything I could ever hope for

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I feel so proud when friends tell me their parents like me. Like damn right they do, I am a delight.

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Cecil and Carlos bout to sharpen their fluency in Night Vale’s established language by havin the dance off of the century on Cecil’s copy of Just Dance….

Based off of this post I made a while back. ;u; Also, Carlos’ croptop.





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daftalchemist: I really can't even believe he's 26
daftalchemist: he is my age and he looks half my age wtf
daftalchemist: I'm glad me and you and teri are all on the same page about how fucked up dylan's age is
Hugh Jazz: We'll form a support group
daftalchemist: "people who feel personally attacked by how goddamn young dylan marron looks that son of a bitch" group
daftalchemist: Casettes was based off of Dylan cuz CLEARLY some inhuman presence possessed his body at age 15
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Lack-lustin drew a robot deer so I wanted to draw a robot deer because I am a creepy stalker hopelessly tag behind Kasey and Dras like a sad puppy like deer and robots.

I figure the outer neck bits are made out of whatever magical flexy vinyl that forms the bulk of scifi clothing.

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Welcome to Night Vale: The Retirement of Pamela Winchell

Warning: blood (slight), mild injury, cigarette smoking, wtnv spoilers

I’d rather you not reblog my art than remove the warning, thank you.

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